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Charlotte In Cage – Times Of Anger
01. Liar | 02. I Hate Myself | 03. Yours Faithfully | 04. Dionysus | 05. 13 Years Old | 06. Times Of Anger | 07. Monster I Became | 08. The Plastic Beast

Genre: Metal | Alternative Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 05.06.18
Duration: 00:27:28
Tracks: 8

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All girl Italian riot metal group Charlotte In Cage are putting a voice to their ideas with their new album Times Of Anger. Citing influences such as Kittie, Hole, Pussy Riot, Moonspell and Marilyn Manson, it’s clear these girls have something to say and aren’t about to hold back. Read more about Times Of Anger …here

Charlotte In Cage are:
Antonella Della Monica – Vocals | Marianna Forino – Guitar | Annalisa Barra – Drums | Susanna Angelino – Bass

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