Blood calls 2 blood review by Tattz Mag

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The Vendetta’s second studio album “Blood calls 2 blood” scheduled to be released December the 10th was actually a pleasant surprise. Having a sound Pigeon-holed as “Rap/Rock” I was a little skeptical going in. To me, bands that go for the Rap/Metal sound either pass or fail. Well upon further inspection I give them a [...]

Blood calls 2 Blood Review by

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Non avevo mai sentito parlare dei nostrani The Vendetta, un gruppo che a giudicare da quanto si dice su internet (e da quanto si può vedere) sta raccogliendo un buon successo oltre confine, e questo è un altro aspetto di cui proprio non riesco a stupirmi. Un altro elemento di stupore risiede nel fatto che [...]

Blood calls 2 blood review by

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Moment, Metalcore und Hip Hop? Nicht, dass diese Kombination jetzt was total revolutionäres wäre, schließlich haben Metal und Hip Hop schon vor vielen Jahren auf Bruderschaft getrunken. Man denke nur an die funkigen RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, oder CYPRESS HILL (v.a. “Skull Bones”) und dann natürlich ganz überragend die Nu Metal-Welle Anfang/Mitte der 90er sowie [...]

Blood calls 2 blood review by

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Prenez un groupe Italien, style hardcore de préférence. Faites le mijoter aux sons hip hop ambiance East Coast 90′s, puis faites revenir au hardcore métal bien brutal façon NYHC en colère, saupoudrez de samples et de flow hip hop, ça vous donne THE VENDETTA, le plus newyorkais des groupes italiens. Sur cet album, tout est [...]

Blood calls 2 blood review by Time out

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There are love ‘em / hate ‘em bands and there are love ‘em / hate ‘em / don’t understand what the fuss is about bands; The Vendetta almost certainly falls into the latter category. For five years now the band has been garnering fans that need only listen to a few seconds of their material [...]

H.O.P.E. project

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While in a relaxing mood, we’ve recorded a collabo joint with our friends Scarlet Violet. So happy about the result we’ve also packed up a videoclip, the track is called Pool of Blood. There are some preview pics up now, waiting for Vevo to approve the video content to unleash the opus online Article source: [...]

X-Y upcoming ‘Flying’ videoclip preview

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What happens when your videoclip director is a former Jet pilot and digs your sound? You’ll find it out when you’ll see X-Y’s new videoclip ‘Flying’, in the meantime, check out these shots taken on location.. J-L from X-Y says ‘Our arrival at the airport was awesome. We were totally impressed when we saw the [...]