Brand new videos from Denied and Notturna

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Available from today two brand new videos from Denied and Notturna, currently streaming over youtube and pay-per-view channels. Both Notturna and Denied latest albums are available in selected shops worldwide and each and every download and streaming platform

Starlight Searchers, Degenerhate, Osian and more Video Releases

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Check the latest Sliptrick Records official videos, lyric videos and teasers, featuring amongst the others Latvian All star band Starlight Searchers, italian Grindcore masters Degenerhate, gloomy metallers Osian and again Death breeders Suffer in Silence and a lot more..

Suffer in Silence ‘New Page’ lyric video

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Shortly after the release of the new album 'Behind the truth' [available worldwide through Sliptrick Records] Suffer in Silence releases the 'New Page' lyric video to support the album Founded by guitarist/singer Patrick Amati in October 2002, shortly after few line up setbacks in 2004 Suffer in Silence got back in 2005 and recorded their [...]

Gaggle of Cocks releases new video

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New York City's mightiest power trio Gaggle of Cocks recently released their new video, featuring the track 'Black Helicopters' from the album 'Low Class Trendsetter' GOC features a stellar line-up of pedigree musicians. Former SLUNT members Pat Harrington (guitar & vocals) and Charles Ruggiero (drums), along with bassist Freddy Villano (formerly with QUIET RIOT, WIDOWMAKER and [...]

Suffer in Silence official teaser and release date

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Due to be out on February the 28th, the Suffer in Silence album 'Behind the truth' will be available worldwide through Sliptrick Records. Check the official teaser for the album to be soon followed by the lyric video of the album opening track 'New Page' Founded by guitarist/singer Patrick Amati in October 2002, shortly after few [...]

Eterno releases new ‘Fire in the hole’ video

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Brand new video by Eterno featuring the track 'Fire in the hole' from the album 'Until HELL freezes over' Eterno touches the essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Metal, combining that magical, old school feeling with modern elements thereby conjuring the powerful and ensnaring riffs and songs, which has became the trademark of the band Eterno’s [...]

Avengeus from Sweden releasing new single

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AVENGEUS | HUNGER Video edition single Music and Lyrics by Avengeus E. Lund – L. Pettersson – M. Svensson – N. Blomberg – W. Svensson Mixed by: Jeffro Lackscheide Produced by: Linus söderholm at LS Sound & Music, and Avengeus Album art made by: COPYRIGHT: AVENGEUS 2014

Stoneload meets Miley Cyrus

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Swedish blistering thrash metallers Stoneload recently released a cover of Miley Cyrus' song 'Wrecking Ball'. Not only they re-arranged the track, but also shoot a parody video. Stream the Stoneload version of 'Wrecking Ball' here:

Beyond Visions | New Video and Street Date

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Available from November the 15th, the nev video by Beyond Visions titled 'Leaves are Falling' CLICK HERE TO STREAM THE VIDEO Also November the 15th is the official street date for 'Your face is familiar' physical album,available in all shops currently distributing SLPT RDS Hailing from Stockholm, Beyond Visions is a fresh and emotionally charged melodic [...]