SIMPLEFAST Release New Audio Videos

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Simplefast – Sins / Chasing Ghosts / Enter The Maze / Alive [Audio Video] Taken from the album: Apocalypse | 2017 Greek metal-lists Simplefast have released audio videos from their last full-length release Apocalypse, in the form of two tracks entitled Sins and Chasing Ghosts respectively. Simplefast are currently working on their 3rd album, tentatively called Eternal, due for release via [...]

THE LESS FORTUNATE New Official Video ‘Inside The Mastermind’

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The Less Fortunate - Inside The Mastermind [Official Video] Taken from the album: The Less Fortunate | 2019 Written and directed by Stillpoint Visions US metalcore/nu metal group The Less Fortunate have released the first material from their upcoming self-titled album due out on Sliptrick Records later in the year. The video for Inside the Mastermind [...]

CABRAKAÄN New Official Video ‘Calm In My Storm’ From Forthcoming EP

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Cabrakaän - Calm In My Storm [Official Video] Taken from the EP: Cem Anahuac My Home | 2019 Directed by: Brandon Toews & Jon Guenter Mexican symphonic metal group Cabrakaän have released a new official video for the track Calm In My Storm, taken from their forthcoming EP Cem Anahuac My Home, set for release via [...]

NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN Release Official Video For The Single ‘Light’

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Next Door To Heaven - Light [Official Video] Russian progressive metalcore group Next Door To Heaven have released an official video for the track Light and the track tells the listener what it's like to find a child inside and seize the day. This is a one off single and not available on their forthcoming album [...]

FALLEN ANGELS New Official Video For ‘Psycholove’

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Fallen Angels – Psycholove [Official Video] Taken from the album: Even Priest Knows | 2018 Italian glam rock band Fallen Angels have released their new video for the track Psycholove taken from their album release Even Priest Knows. Here's what the band explaining about the track and video; "Psycholove is a topical song (written thinking of the typical life of [...]

Russian Groups MASSFACE And BRIGHTDELIGHT Release New Official Videos

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Massface – Blank [Official Video] Taken from the single: Blank | 2019 Directed and production by: Masha Zhemchuzhina Massface are: Oleg Lankin – Vocal | Ivan Romanchuk – Guitar | Alexander Tarabrin – Guitar | Alexey Novikov – Bass | Denis Shulika – Drums | Semyon Martsinkevich – Synth Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | VK | On Sliptrick BrightDelight – Checkmate [Official Video] Taken from the album: Invoke | 2019 Invoke | Released March [...]

REBEL COLLECTIVE Release Official Video ‘T-Rex’ From Forthcoming Album

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Rebel Collective – T-Rex [Official Video] Taken from the album: Rebelism | 2019 Swedish stone n' roll/metal group Rebel Collective have released the first track available from their forthcoming album Rebelism, set for release via Sliptrick Records on May 7th. It's a down and dirty piece of riffing hard rock entitled T-Rex and a great primer for [...]

THE BLACKTONES Release New Official Video For ‘The Upside Down’

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The Blacktones – The Upside Down [Official Video] Taken from the album: The Day We Shut Down The Sun | 2017 Created by: Elena Cabitza Italian Sludge Metal band The Blacktones have released an official video for the song The Upside Down, taken from their full length The Day We Shut Down The Sun released worldwide via [...]

SABER TIGER Release New Lyrics Video For ‘Stain’

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Saber Tiger – Stain [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Obscure Diversity | 2018 Directed by: Takayuki Yamada Japanese legends Saber Tiger have released a new lyrics video taken from their recent album Obscure Diversity. The track is called Stain and shows off the bands impressive and ambitious lyrical content complimenting yet another awesome tune. Saber Tiger [...]