HELLIGATORS Drag Us Back To ‘Hell III’ – Out Jun 4th

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Hell III, the third album by Roman band Helligators, sees the light on June 4th 2019, 4 years after their previous release Road Roller Machine, once again via Sliptrick Records. It was recorded between March 2018 and January 2019 at Luciano Chessa's Moon Voice Studio and mastered at Synthesis Recording Studio by Andrea Corvo. The 11 [...]

DARK INTRANCE Reveals He Has ‘Emerged From The Dark’ – Out May 28th

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With this first EP called Emerged From The Dark, Dark Intrance tries to synthesize Dark Rock and Gothic Metal. Most of the songs are powerful but also give way to melodies and pure musical technique. Particular vocals were chosen to reinforce the dark side of the soundscape and the brutality that transpires in the lyrics. Also, [...]

CIRCLE OF WITCHES Put The Heavy Into Metal With ‘Natural Born Sinners’ – Out May 21st

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Natural Born Sinners is the third full-length album in the Circle Of Witches’ career. This new chapter is focused upon the concept of riot, with figures of some rebels taken from religion, history, anthropology and literature like Lucifer, Spartacus, Anton Lavey, Giordano Bruno, the persecuted witches. This eleven track album marks a path of heavy metal [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol XVIII – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol XVIII Download Cost - €0.00 01. Circle Of Witches – Tongue Of Misery 02. Massface – Black Water 03. Roof Down – Corrosion 04. Signs Of Human Race – Above The Languages Of Life 05. Yesterday Is History – Ricochet Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at 320 [...]

NECRO Send A Powerful Message With ‘Propaganda’ – Out May 14th

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Polish thrash metal project Necro are ready to release their debut album Propaganda worldwide via Sliptrick Records on May 19th. The album contains 11 tracks of aggressive and rhythmic thrash metal which are both melodic and powerful at the same time. Necro write simple and literal lyrics which are sometimes playful and then twist to kick [...]

REBEL COLLECTIVE Go Their Own Way With ‘Rebelism’ – Out May 7th

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The new album Rebelism, from Rebel Collective, stands out as the quartets most musically flexible album, in terms of genre, to date. The purpose of this album is to show an another side of the Swedish booze hounds and the wide range of inspiration that the group are surrounded by in both music and life. The [...]

CRAWLING MANIFEST Launch Their Assault With ‘Lords Of War’ – Out Apr 30th

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The major musical influences for Lords Of War, the latest EP from US metal group Crawling Manifest, are the new wave of British Heavy Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death, Power Metal, and just a dash of Prog. After the release of their EP, Forevermore, the band gained a significant amount of creative freedom, which allowed the band [...]

DOAN Send A Warning That ‘Stupidity Kills’ – Out Apr 23rd

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Doan’s first album is entitled Stupidity Kills. The title itself is a resume of the lyrics in general which are themed around humanity’s foolishness. The band’s music is the result of a collaborative effort. Nicholas or Andre first came in with their riffs in a structure as a base for a song. Then the others wrote their [...]

CARRY THE TORCH Interview, Single, Their Own Beer And Album Release Announcement

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Swedish metal group Carry The Torch have recently released their new single, A New Hell, from the upcoming album Obsession, confirmed for release worldwide on July 2nd via Sliptrick Records. Along with the track, the band have launched their very own beer ...yes, I said their own beer (Carry the Torch Obsession IPA) ....and finalized the [...]

YESTERDAY IS HISTORY Are Going Round In ‘Circles’ – Out Apr 16th

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Swiss alternative rock group Yesterday Is History are back with their latest EP entitled Circles released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on April 16th. Circles is a continuation and embellishment upon their previous EP Frames as the band explore the concepts that are close to them while expanding upon the bands punk pop/rock sound. 10 facts about [...]