Sliptrick Records Welcome Aussie Hard Rock 3 Piece AVALANCHE

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Avalanche (AUS) Hard Rock "Heart-racing, gut busting, roof crashing, fast paced rock n' roll, sent directly from the devil himself to brighten your day." Avalanche are a hard rock band from Sydney, Australia that stand out from the crowd. Young, hard-working and hungry for opportunity, the group is a [...]

ABBINORMAL Release New Official Video For ‘Hellcore’ + Album Release Date

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Abbinormal - Hellcore [Official Video] Taken from the album: 1996 (Nineteen Ninety Six) | 2019 Produced by: Moviedel Productions Director/Editor: Maurizio Del Piccolo Location: Twilight Studio - Senago (IT) Italian crossover group Abbinormal have released their first official video in the form of Hellcore, a cut from their upcoming debut album 1996 (Nineteen Ninety Six). The [...]

KILL CITY KILLS Arrive ‘Straight From The Heart Of Nowhere’ – Out Aug 6th

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The EP Straight From The Heart Of Nowhere was self-produced and self-recorded by Russian metal group Kill City Kills and then mixed and mastered by Stacy O'Dell (USA) in 2018, now ready for worldwide release via Sliptrick Records. It contains the first 4 songs created by Ellis, Nikki and Andrew together as a band. The lyrics [...]

Canadian Progressive Metal Band RED CAIN Join Sliptrick

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Red Cain (CA) Progressive Metal | Power Metal | Rock Described as a vehicle of "melancholy and rage" and born out of the emerging music scene of Alberta, Canada, the 2017 YYC Awards Metal Recording of the Year winner Red Cain is a power/progressive metal project with Russian roots, [...]

SHADES OF SORROW Release New Official Video From Forthcoming Album ‘Paradox’

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Shades Of Sorrow - Break [Official Video] Taken from the album: Paradox | 2019 Canadian group Shades Of Sorrow return with their first new material since last years release Ascension. It comes in the form of the track Break taken from their forthcoming album Paradox. The band wish to thank IHW Wrestling for using their song [...]

LEVANIA Air Their Latest ‘Episode 0’ – Out Aug 2nd

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Italian gothic metalcore group Levania return after a short hiatus with their new mini-EP, Episode 0, released via Sliptrick Records in online digital format on August 2nd. The EP opens up with Abyss, a song that addresses the issue of depression, analyzing how one can become slaves to one’s demons. Abyss also addresses the issue of moral hazard, when one has to [...]

SINEZAMIA Release New Official Video For ‘Fingere di essere’

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Sinezamia - Fingere di essere [Official Video] Taken from the album: Fingere di essere | 2019 "Fingere di essere speaks of the impossibility, in certain situations, of appearing as one really is, of demonstrating what one feels in reality, wearing masks with people so as not to ruin the status quo of certain situations and not [...]

DEAD FROG Glow In The Embers Of ‘Burning Bridges’ – Out Jul 30th

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Burning Bridges represents the very best work so far from Serbian group Dead Frog. It's a 70 minutes highlight reel from a decade of creating and producing music and probably one of the longest debut albums of all time. A lot of different musical elements are combined in the tracks with pure metal riffs to create [...]

UK Thrashers KILL ALL THE GENTLEMEN Release New Lyrics Video

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Kill All The Gentlemen - Damnation Be My Guide [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: The Loss And The Rapture | 2018 UK death metal/thrash group Kill All The Gentlemen return to action with a brand new lyrics video for your delectation. Damnation Be My Guide is the penultimate song from the groups last album The [...]