KALMO Preaches The Fables Of ‘Gehinnom’ – Out April 13th

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"The morphosis of the creature evolved from infancy. It is spreading its wings. Shadowing all the pale light left in the universe. Gazing the evil eye upon what is left of humankind. The fiery heart beats with a racing tempo, fueling the frantic muscles with rampage. Growing in strength, the creature prepares for its mission. The [...]

DR. SCHAFAUSEN Release New Official Video ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’

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Dr. Schafausen – Waiting For Tomorrow [Official Video] Taken from the album: Waiting For Tomorrow | 2021 Directed by Yannick Louet and Hiroki Abe Italian dystopian group Dr. Schafausen have released a new video for the tilte track of their recently released album Waiting For Tomorrow which hit the stores via Sliptrick Records on March 9th. Here's [...]

TIDES OF KHARON Issue Their Unique Battle Cry With ‘Titanomachy’ – Out April 6th

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Canada's Tides Of Kharon wage war with their sophomore release, Titanomachy. This pounding interpretation of melodic death metal captivates the listener from the first drop of the proverbial needle. Throughout Titanomachy, a concept is revealed of a decade-long battle; a battle to determine the rulers of the future. Who will win the reigns of the universe [...]

AMORIELLO Release New Lyrics Video ‘Milan’s Dream’

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Amoriello – Milan's Dream [Lyrics Video] Taken from the EP: Dear Dark | 2021 Metal/neoclassical project Amoriello have released a lyrics video for the track Milan's Dream, taken from the new EP Dear Dark. Milan's Dream is based off of a 16th century Pavan by Spanish Renaissance composer Luis de Milán (1500-1561) with added lyrics by Thomas [...]

SNAKE BITE WHISKY Take A Bite Of Their ‘Black Candy’ – Out Mar 30th

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Black Candy is the thunderous second album from Australian heavy rock band, Snake Bite Whisky. The album was recorded at Lush Studio’s in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia which has also seen artists such as Jason Bonham, Jimmy Barnes, Jeff Martin and The Red Paintings to name a few. Produced and mixed by Bernie Wedrat, Black Candy features [...]

MARBLE New Lyrics Video ’30 Silver Coins’ From The Album ‘S.A.V.E.’

2021-03-09T13:05:33+02:00March 12th, 2021|Categories: News, Videos|Tags: |

Marble – 30 Silver Coins [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: S.A.V.E. | 2021 Italian melodic metal group Marble have released a new lyrics video taken from their latest album S.A.V.E., currently out worldwide via Sliptrick Records. The track is called 30 Silver Coins and features a special guest on growling vocals in the form of Maurizio [...]

Industrial International Group FRAU FLEISCHER Joins Sliptrick

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records: Frau Fleischer (FR/IT) Industrial | Metal | Cabaret Frau Fleischer (Madame la Bouchère in French) began in 2020 during the current health crisis. As a child of this troubled period, their personality has been influenced by the lockdown, giving the music an aggressive and rough edge. Formed by Gabriel Daimon as [...]

NANGA PARBAT Become The Epic Authors Of ‘Downfall And Torment’ – Out March 23rd

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From thunderous mountain peaks to the lightless depths of the ocean, Nanga Parbat’s very first album Downfall And Torment, aims to recreate the fragile and yet magical feeling of uncertainty that inhabits every human soul. In a world on the brink of destruction, nature’s last forces orchestrate a powerful choir, full of hatred and aggression. All [...]

GATECLOSER Release New Official Video For ‘Take My Hand’

2021-03-08T10:53:56+02:00March 8th, 2021|Categories: News, Videos|Tags: |

Gatecloser – Take My Hand [Official Video] Taken from the album: From The Wasteland Video by Alvaro Diamanti Thrash metal group Gatecloser have released a new official video for Take My Hand, taken from their debut conceptual album From The Wasteland, which is out on Sep 22nd via Sliptrick Records. The lyrics sum up the theme of the track; “Violence is [...]

TIDES OF KHARON Release Official Video ‘Atlas Endures’ From Forthcoming EP

2021-02-10T12:00:19+02:00March 5th, 2021|Categories: News, Videos|Tags: |

Tides Of Kharon – Atlas Endures [Official Video] Taken from the EP: Titanomachy | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Video by: Brad Thomson Canadian melodic death metal Tides Of Kharon unveil Atlas Endures, the first video from their upcoming EP, Titanomachy. Telling a tale of betrayal and punishment, the aptly named Atlas Endures is sung from the point [...]


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