Canadians TIDES OF KHARON Release New Lyrics Video For ‘Titanomachy’

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Tides Of Kharon – Titanomachy [Official Video] Taken from the EP: Titanomachy | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Video by: Brandy Black of Lady Black Design Tides Of Kharon announce the release of Titanomachy, their second video from their EP of the same name. This title track is a masterpiece, teeming with ear-worm instrumentations. The turbulent speed of [...]

BLOOD OF ANGELS On US Tour In August And New Lyrics Video

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US melodic death metal group Blood Of Angels have announced tour dates with their good friends friends The Convalescence, Filth and Casket Robbery. For obvious reasons, this has been a big task to finally get the dates together but should be well worth the wait. Tickets on already available at: 08.12 | Battle Creek, MI [...]

THE MAMMUTHUS Give Life To The ‘Last Trumpet Of A Giant’ – Out May 4th

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Swedish psychedelic rock group The Mammuthus are back from the permafrost with a new album called Last Trumpet Of A Giant. The album consists of nine songs and the listener will recognize the unique blend of rock elements that has become The Mammuthus’ formula. On Last Trumpet Of A Giant, all the bands members have contributed [...]

MUDD FLUX To Play 16th Annual Family Reunion Festival On April 23rd

2021-04-07T11:12:22+03:00April 16th, 2021|Categories: Gigs, News|Tags: |

US metal group Mudd Flux are set to play on Friday, April 23rd at the 16th Annual Family Reunion supporting Texas Hippie Coalition. Herer's the official press; "Check out the 16th Annual Family Reunion with Texas Hippie Coalition in Durant, Oklahoma. Tickets are available online Grab a weekend pass and enjoy all the festivities from [...]

US Rockers RESIDUAL SELF Go All Out For ‘Revenge’ – Out April 27th

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Residual Self has proudly partnered with Sliptrick Records to release their first full length album on April 27th, 2021. From 2017-2019, they wrote and recorded the tracks in sessions at studios across the United States. Songs like Beast King and Dark Ascension, which began the recording phases, were done by Marc Amendola at Audio Hotel in [...]

Antichrist Magazine Present ‘A Tribute To Black Sabbath’ Featuring Sliptrick Artists

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Antichrist Magazine – A Tribute To Black Sabbath [Official Video] Music originally written and composed by Black Sabbath Our good friends at Antichrist Magazine have released a special recorded tribute to the legendary metal group Black Sabbath and it features tracks from the Sliptrick roster including Ironthorn (who kick off the tribute), Simplefast, Blood Of Angels, Crawling [...]

THE MAMMUTHUS Release New Lyrics Video From Their Forthcoming Album

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The Mammuthus – Last Trumpet Of A Giant [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Last Trumpet Of A Giant | 2021 Swedish psychedelic rock group The Mammuthus have released a new lyrics video and first material from their album Last Trumpet Of A Giant, due out via Sliptrick Records on May 4th, 2021. In the title track [...]

CURIMUS Take A Walk In Their Own ‘Garden Of Eden’ – Out Apr 20th

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Garden Of Eden is the third full-length album by Finnish modern deaththrashers Curimus. Following Realization (2012) and Artificial Revolution (2014), the band takes their intense energy even further – the album is a half-hour beatdown combining thrashy riffs and modern elements. The new material is faster and darker, all wrapped up in an uncompromising soundscape. The themes of the songs revolve [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol XXXIX – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol XXXIX Download Cost - €0.00 01. Fullmåne – The World Will Burn 02. Sintax – Lethal And Armed 03. Snake Bite Whisky – Raised In Hell 04. Tides Of Kharon – Kronos Descends 05. Under Attack – The Sign And The Cross Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks [...]


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