Sliptrick Records Welcome Greek Metal Group SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Shadow In The Darkness (GR) Technical | Progressive Death Metal Shadow In The Darkness are a quartet ensemble since 2009 that minister zealously the technical metal music arts based in Athens, Greece. In what it begets, they infuse melodic pliers with spicular (poly)rhythm acts all in a self-reflective outline [...]

RED CAIN Provide The Revelation With ‘Kindred: Act I’ – Out Jan 21st

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With their first full-length album Kindred: Act I, Red Cain dive into a conceptual journey through the primordial depth of the human psyche, surfacing to tell mythological tales of war, love, and transformation. Slavic, Celtic, and Egyptian myths all find a place within the tracks, in a venomous new form - battle hymns, sorrow songs and [...]

AGE OF FIRE Release The First Material From Their Upcoming Album With The Lyrics Video ‘King Of Aquilonia’

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Age Of Fire – King Of Aquilonia [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Shades Of Shadow | 2020 US metal group Age Of Fire have released a new lyrics video fro the track King Of Aquilonia taken from their forthcoming album Shades Of Shadow, set for release via Sliptrick Records on February 18th. Here's what the [...]

STONER KINGS Release Official Video For ‘F*cked AD’

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Stoner Kings – F*cked AD [Official Video] Taken from the album: Alpha Male | 2020 Director: Tuukka Kouri Lead Actors: Mikko Lauronen & Marianne Kallio Finish rockers Stoner Kings have released their second official video (following Cro-Magnon) from their upcoming album Alpha Male due out soon worldwide on Sliptrick Records. The track is called F*cked AD [...]

Canadian Metal Group HYPERIA Take Us To The ‘Insanitorium’ – Out Jan 14th

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Insanitorium is the debut album of female fronted melodic thrash metal band Hyperia. It contains 10 tracks of wailing and harsh vocals, melodic guitars, intricate bass lines and hard hitting drums. These 10 songs deliver a complex mixture of genres from Thrash Metal, to Power Metal and Death Metal. Drawing influences from many different musical artists, Hyperia strives to stand [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcome US Grunge Group NO SUCH SEASON

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: No Such Season (US) Grunge | Punk | Metal | Sludge Metal | Heavy Rock No Such Season are a grunge-metal rock band bringing a blend of heavy tones, sludgy, raw guitars and powerful drums with a mix of punk overtones. Emerging from the shadows of the underground in [...]

Norwegian Glam Metal Group NOTÖRIOUS Join Sliptrick

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Notörious (NO) Glam Metal | Hard Rock Notörious is a hard rock/glam metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band was formed at the beginning of 2018 with the intention to bring back to life the classic sound of the hard rock/glam metal bands that ruled the Sunset Strip back [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcomes Progressive Italians LUCID DREAM

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Lucid Dream (IT) Hard Rock Progressive | Mystic Metal Lucid Dream’s music began it's creation in 2009 in Sestri Levante, Italy. The energy from their location helped to inspire the research for the compositions: sea, woods, mountains, caves and many magical places in the area. The leader and guitarist [...]