Sliptrick Records Welcomes Lithuanian Project SONGS FROM BLACK SPIRIT

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Songs From Black Spirit (LT) Progressive Melodic Metal The history of Lithuanian project Songs From Black Spirit started in 2016. The musician leading the way is Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis (frontman of group Spicy Bits Of Scandal), he's a metal-head hailing from Vilnius and crazy about heavy metal music [...]

QUARTZBED Go Deep With The Eclectic ‘Dark Matter’ – Out Feb 11th

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Quartzbed’s latest album Dark Matter is a decidedly jagged shard of 21st century Los Angeles living. Apocalyptically fractaled songs intertwine sadness and euphoria with beautiful psychosis delivering powerful messages of constant yearning. Featuring poly-rhythmic drumming, raw vocals, beat poet lyrics, alternative indie blues guitars and polyphonic melodies the results are a stirring Kaleidoscope of sound and [...]

Ex-Rat Attack Founder LESLIE RIPP Joins Sliptrick

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Leslie Ripp (US) Instrumental | Rock | Metal | Melodic Metal | Blues Leslie Ripp is an American musician, composer, and rock/metal/blues guitarist. He's is mostly known for being co-founder and guitarist for the 1983 cult metal band Rat Attack. After splitting up from Rat Attack, Leslie has spent [...]

ALPHASTATE Re-release Their 2015 Opus ‘Out Of The Black’ – Out Feb 7th

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Out Of The Black, is the first album from Greek metal outfit Alphastate and was originally self-released in 2015. It is a mix of 80's metal elements with a very modern metal sound. The band wanted to create a very personal sound/style and they succeeded. Now the digital version of the album is being re-released worldwide [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcome Russian Black Metal Group THEOSOPHY

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Theosophy (RUS) Black Metal Theosophy is a Black Metal band from the heart of cold Siberia! The band was founded in winter 2004 by Phantom, but the project was frozen in ice till 2007 due to other activities. The bands first release came in 2008 with Russian label Musica [...]

SLEAZY WAY OUT Put The Dirt In Dirty With ‘Here Comes Trouble’ – Out Feb 4th

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Here Comes Trouble is a 12 track slab of 100%, whiskey drenched, alcohol fueled, sleaze rock that will make you want to drink whisky straight from the bottle, f**k your girlfriend (plus your friends girlfriend...) and party all night long! Here Comes Trouble picks up where Sleazy Way Out's first album, Satisfy Me, left off. High [...]

CHAINSNAP Fire Up And ‘Burn Internal’ – Out Jan 31st

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The new album from US metal group Chainsnap is entitled Burn Internal and has been through and survived many song and band member changes. The finished product presents the bands original blend of old style thrash and modern metal. The album was recorded in the bands home town on Wisconsin Rapids, WI at Future Beware Technologies [...]

Swedish Blues Rock Group THE STRIDERS Join Sliptrick

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: The Striders (SE) Rock | Blues Rock | Soul The Striders are a hungry rock'n'roll band from Jönköping, Sweden, that delivers a soulful, noisy and heavy groove. Blending rock, soul and blues in a powerful mix. With fuzz guitar riffs, intense vocals, pounding drums and a punchy bass, the [...]

MALICIOUS INC. Put Up The ‘Red Flag’ On Their Latest EP – Out Jan 28th

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UK metal group Malicious Inc., come out all guns blazing on their debut EP, Red Flag, spitting out a relentless onslaught of crushing riffs, brutal breakdowns and screaming solos, topped off with dark and topical lyrical content attacking depravity, social degradation, mental health issues and every moral injustice committed daily, in what can only be described [...]