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At a time of slowing down and enjoying the festive spirits, the crew here at Sliptrick Records like to go the other way and head full on into the abyss. Someone famous once said "there's no sleep in rock 'n' roll" ...I can't remember who that was but maybe that's the point. With that in mind, [...]

Sliptrick Sign OBSCURA AMENTIA And SCARS OF TEARS For 2017 Releases

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Sliptrick Records welcome 2 new bands to their roster. Very different in style but both with a strong sense of atmosphere and style. We're currently preparing album releases for next year. Obscura Amentia (IT) Black Metal | Doom Metal Scars Of Tears (GR) Atmospheric Rock | Gothic Metal Obscura Amentia The Italian studio-band, Obscura Amentia formed [...]


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Sliptrick Records welcomes two new bands to the artist roster. Fate Unburied (it) Prog | Death Metal Mexican Chili Funeral Party (it) Power Rock | Stoner Rock Fate Unburied The Fate Unburied project is born from the musicians' need to find their own musical language that goes beyond the patterns of modern metal. The band offers [...]

Welcome aboard to DARK RITES!

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Welcome aboard to international Thrash/Heavy tinged Melodic Death Metal act Dark Rites, recently signed by Sliptrick Records for the worldwide release of their self titled album Dark Rites is an international act founded by Randy (USA) and Wojtek (UK) in early 2016. Despite its members living in different continents, technology has enabled them to overcome all [...]

Welcome aboard to Darkyra, Precipitation, Tethra,

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Sliptrick Records proudly presents five new acts from Australia, Italy and Germany, that recently signed for the the release of their albums. Due to be available on the market between december 2016 and april 2016, the albums will be distributed through each and every download and streaming platform as well as selected shops and chain stores [...]

Unsolved // Tabula rasa []

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Diese Borschen rocken. Sie geben sogar richtig Gas; vermutet man zumindest nach den ersten Tönen des wirklich gelungenen Openers. Dieser lädt auch förmlich dazu ein sich mit einzubringen, zu singen, abzurocken. Doch so cool der Anfang auch gewesen sein mag, mit der Zeit verlieren sich die Jungs in ihren eigenen Strukturen und werden immer weicher. Das [...]

Unsolved // Tabula Rasa []

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The Alternative Metal genre is one we don’t cover a whole lot here at MyGlobalMind. Not because we think the style has nothing to offer, but simply because there is such a constant flood of bands that all sound exactly the same all releasing boring records and it’s just too much work to wade through the [...]

Deadline // Heading West [Mindscans 8]

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Once country I have been constantly surprised and pleased by this year is France. I know there is a strong cult following for the French metal scene of the eighties, but up until this year there weren’t many other bands of any real consequence. Lately I heard a new E.P from a French group calling themselves [...]

Unsolved // Tabula rasa [by East LA Metal]

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Tighter and more focused than the previous effort, Tabula Rasa applies that album's resonant experimentalism to the same bold songwriting and keen ear for dynamics , capable of pleasing both the enthusiasts of cinematic rock as well as the fans of downtuned inspiring metal tinged rock..