Carbon Seed are a death metal band from Bordeaux, France, ready to present to the word their first 5 tracks entitled, Posthumanism, an EP full of powerful death metal. Heavy rhythms, incisive riffs and energetic vocals are sustained by floods of blast beats and double bass. Dystopia or trans-humanism are the themes that the group touch upon in their lyrics.

The band entered the studio at Bud Records and the recording, mixing & mastering was handled by Mathieu Pascal (also known as one of the guitarists of the band Gorod), a long time friend who knows Carbon Seed plays and who they really are. The band were very happy with the result although the choice of tracks for this EP was difficult to decide from the powerful set of tracks available to the band.

The dawn of Carbon Seed has now arrived and with the release of Posthumanism via Sliptrick Records, the group plan to tour extensively and lay the foundation for future plans.

Posthumanism | Released November 28th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Abnormal Evolution | 02. The Failed Guidance | 03. The Mercury Enslavement | 04. Irrevelant Redemption | 05. Posthumanism

Recording, mixing & mastering was made by Mathieu Pascal (Gorod) in July 2017.

Carbon Seed are:
David Iglesias – Vocals | Sébastien Rivet – Guitar | Laurent Fortier – Drums

Band links: Facebook