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Darren Michael Boyd (CA) Spooky Surf | Hard Rock | Instrumental

Based out of Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Darren Michael Boyd balances his time between music, his long-running reptile business, and being a mild-mannered librarian. His genre of music has been appropriately referred to, as ‘Instrumental Spooky Surf’.

Rock icons such as Kiss, Alice Cooper, Meatloaf and Queen were superheroes and practically parental figures to an impressionable young Darren Michael Boyd. As a result, he is comfortable playing all kinds of music, and feels at home with a big theatrical show – regardless of the venue size. After years of touring, writing, recording, Darren has developed his own dynamic musical style, along with authenticity and unprecedented professionalism.

After four albums, twenty music videos and multiple award nominations and wins, Boyd is just getting started.

Darren Michael Boyd are:
Darren Michael Boyd – Live Guitar/All studio instruments | Mike Berrigan – Drums (live) | Trevor St. Peter – Guitar (live) | Carina Daugherty – Bass (live)

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