Fast Cars & Dive Bars, from US group Buzzed & Loaded, runs wild with a wide array of hard rockers recorded in that 1970’s production style where everything wasn’t overly compressed and music had air to breath. Lyrical themes from singer/guitarist Robert Trosino revolve around true life escapades and shenanigans including being shot at by a crazed ex-lover, excessive partying, unexpected police activity, numerous failed relationships, and even one of his three nude hitchhiking adventures.

Songs like Miss Delusion and Won’t Drink Your Blues take you back to a time when Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, the Stones and ZZ Top ruled the 70’s airwaves. The advance single Bad Penny garnered finalist nomination in the Rock Category at the World Songwriting Awards in 2022 before the album was even done being recorded, and it has a true “Electric” era Cult vibe based on yet another failed love affair. Bass Player Andy Claus brings his ultra active bass riffing to the fore in the albums title track which may damage some car speakers along the way. Rip it Up and Final Sun are straight ahead arena rockers grooved to the max by drummer Buzz Brown who had a hand in the arranging of every song on the album. The album has nods to the sunset strip in California with the smoldering song Stand, and even an unexpected introspective instrumental dedicated to a band members mother that is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. The album has a purposeful DIY party flavor continuing on from their 2021 debut, but also explores some more serious subject matters like a persons acceptance when knowing it’s their final day alive in the track Final Sun.

The music was composed with a great nod to tequila, and a true collaboration between all three members of Buzzed & Loaded and the studio ghost in their 110 year old music room in the old industrial area of Seattle.

01. Bad Penny | 02. Rip It Up | 03. Final Sun | 04. Miss Delusion | 05. Won’t Drink Your Blues | 06. Fast Cars & Dive Bars | 07. Stand | 08. The Pearl Abyss | 09. We The People | 10. Kiss & Tell

Fast Cars & Dive Bars | Released July 11th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Buzzed & Loaded are:
Robert Trosino – Vocals & Guitar | Buzz Brown – Drums | Andy Claus – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick