Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Bridge Of Diod (IT) Hard Rock | Thrash Metal
Grievers (IT) Melodic Death Metal | Metalcore | Djent
Eternal Silence (IT) Symphonic Metal | Gothic Metal

Bridge Of Diod
Bridge Of Diod are an Italian metal band, characterized since their beginning, by the drummer doubling as lead singer. The sound ranges from heavy to thrash metal while maintaining a strong hard rock attitude. The band was created in 2010 by Stefano Barbero, Luigi Barbero and Davide Leoncino. A few months later, with the entry of Sebastiano Riva on bass, the band felt complete and ready to play live. In Spring 2012, they released their first EP Creativity In Captivity and after dividing their time between the live activity and composition, a new album started to take shape in 2015. Of Sinners and Madmen is the culmination of their work, ready to be unveiled to the Heavy Metal masses via Sliptrick Records soon!

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

The Grievers project was started in Milan in 2008 from a concept by Roberto Palmiero and Matteo Giugno – guitarists and long time friends. In 2010, after adding additional members to the line-up, the band recorded their first demo and later, their first full-length album, Reflecting Evil. In 2011, Valentino De Lucia took over the role on drums and the Grievers returned to the live scene supporting such bands as Impaled Nazarene, Gama Bomb, Alestorm, Skitzo and many more. After a recording false start and 4 years of inactivity, the band relaunched in 2017 with a new guitarist, Andrea Parafioriti and they have recently completed The Eternal Pleasure Of Revenge, their second album for release on Sliptrick Records.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Eternal Silence
Eternal Silence is an Italian Symphonic Metal band. Their style combines the elements of heavy and power metal, such as strong guitar riffs and a thunderous rhythmic section mixed with elements taken from symphonic music, such as massive orchestrations and choirs, plus the addition of some electronic instruments. To complete their sound, Eternal Silence have two lead vocalists, Marika Vanni and the guitarist Alberto Cassina, who alternate and entwine their vocal parts. The upcoming Mastermind Tyranny will be their third studio album following Raw Poetry in 2013 and Chasing Chimera in 2015. The album expands upon the group already original style with more evolved and refined musical compositions.

Band links: Facebook