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The Ogre (BR) Death Metal | Black Metal | Heavy Metal

It all began during the writing of the second album of Brazilian group Faces Of Madness, some songs had a more aggressive and obscure style so the need of another project became evident. As time went by The Ogre was created and it gradually became the vocalists Diogo Marins main project.

With the debut release Idol Icon Black (2015), The Ogre began to become more known in the world´s underground scene and soon many others were influenced by Diogo’s “one man band” sound. In 2018, Dead In The Water was released, solidifying it’s style and being labeled by a few websites as “progressive death metal” due to it´s broad merging of influences like death metal, black metal, heavy metal and even symphonic soundtrack passages. In early 2019, the third album Entity was released, showing a heavier music without loosing it’s melodies.

The Ogre’s songs talk about macabre tales, urban legends, occultism and even personal experiences taking the listener through an unique sound experience diving straight into an obscure dark and lost universe.

The Ogre are:
Diogo Marins – All Instruments/Vocals/Lyrics

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