Sliptrick Records presents 2 new bands of different nationality and style but unified on the label and dedicated to bring you music they care deeply about. This week, we’d like to welcome:

Concrete Jellÿ (IT) Hard Rock | Progressive Stoner
Katharos (SE) Symphonic Black Metal | Black Metal

Concrete Jellÿ
Italian hard rock band Concrete Jellÿ (yep, that’s a funky “ÿ” going on – not a mistake) were founded in 2014 in Trieste. The forthcoming album Getting Noticed was recorded live in the summer of 2016 and the inspiration for the story-line came from the many good (and bad) things experienced during their relentless live activity both offstage and on. The sound of the album is the result of the different influences within the band members, ranging from the spaciness of 70’s rock to prog rock and everything good in between. In the end, Concrete Jellÿ are just a bunch of friends, who like to have fun and take nothing too seriously. At least nothing except the music!

Getting Noticed will be available in all the usual formats from Sliptrick Records on February 7th, 2017

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Katharos present symphonic black/death metal from Sweden in the vein of Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and Death. Katharos’ debut album Exuvian Heraldry, brings together the Scandinavian black/death-sound with epic symphonic arrangements and a complexity that rewards multiple listens. Heavy guitar riffs are accompanied with battle drums and carried along by majestic choirs and synths with lyrical themes bridging philosophy and religion.

Exuvian Heraldry will be released by Sliptrick Records on March 1st, 2017.
Note: This release will be available in an exclusive vinyl version and for digital download (not CD).

Band links: Facebook | Soundcloud