Ascent from Russia, Berserker from Lithuania, Project Silence from Finland,
Harringtones and Banned From Hell from Italy and Project Theory from Greece..

Our brand new releases for July 2016 confirm our efforts when it comes to
support new bands from Europe and abroad!


Ascent is a Death metal formation from Novosibirsk Russia.
The band features extreme female vocals. Ascent recorded their first album
«Don’t stop when you walk through the hell» that is modern in sound and goes
outside classical Death metal features. This album will be fine as for old
rockers as for young metalheads.


An exciting horror metal journey with no-nonsense lyrics about slashers,
splatter and gore movies and experiences not of this world, acclaimed by
critics as ‘Best Independent Metal Album’ of 2016. Banned from Hell so far
shared the stage with Gorillaz SS, Rotting Christ, Eyehategod, Cryptopsy,
Cattle Decapitation, Hate, Decrepit Birth and many more.


Berserker is a melodic metal band from Vilnius, founded in 2009.
The name of the band is binded with viking era; Berserk (berserker) –
is known from historic tales as a fearless scandinavian warrior.
Bands songs also reflect inner and outer battles.
Inner fights are personal emotions,
mixed feelings. Outer fights are social injustice,
industrialization, destruction of the wild nature.


Project Silence is an industrial metal band from Finland,
they combine extreme metal to headbanging industrial.
Band is known from their energetic live performances and tight playing.
Their new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves
and features some thrash, black and extreme metal influence.
‘Slave To The Machine’ is centered around themes of Sci-Fi, violence,
sex, love and misery. Many lyrical themes came from personal life,
but also from popular culture, books & authors like Moers,
Lovecraft and even King. ‘Slave To The Machine’ is also influenced
by elements from early industrial scene to modern metal.
Project Silence has come a long way from 2008 and musically
band has evolved a lot, but the idea behind it all is
just coming through in ‘Slave To The Machine’.


Italian outfit Harringtones featuring Steve Cradock (Paul Weller, The Specials)
on guitar , piano and autoharp. Harringtones play an incendiary blend of Brit Pop,
Mod and Indie beat, between early Oasis and Blur, Lambrettas and Kula Shaker.
Artwork by world famous Italian Artist Fabrizio Musa.


Thessaloniki, Greece..Project Theory was born in 2013 successfully mixing
aggressive riffs and sorrowfully melodic vocals to craft a killer formula
titled “Something Between Us”