Bless The Dead – A Cold Day In Hell [Official Video]
Taken from the album: The Boars Nest | 2018

US groove metal group Bless The Dead have released a new official video for the track A Cold Day In Hell taken from their recent album release via Sliptrick Records, The Boars Nest. Hit the jump and check the video below.

Here’s what the band had to say; “With the heaviest track on The Boars Nest, Bless The Dead brings a hard hitting video of perception of a world which has turned into chaos as the song describes. A track of fierce, dark, and angry events that some have spoke of for years. A time where darkness is in the air and there is no turning back. A life of disparate events and a cruel way of the new world. A Cold Day In Hell takes no prisoners and everyone left will know its there own demise.”

Bless The Dead – The Boars Nest
Atlanta’s finest, Bless The Dead are ready to unleash their brand new album on to an unsuspecting public. The Boars Nest is choke full of the bands trademark Southern styled, groove rock and metal with a lyrical trait that runs through the core of the record. Bless The Dead cite influences such as Pantera, Clutch, Faith No More, High On Fire and Corrosion of Conformity but with The Boars Nest, they have created a sound that is the band’s alone. Read more about The Boars Nest …here

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The Boars Nest | Released December 18th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Bless The Dead are:
Noah Welborn – Vocals | Allen White – Guitarist | Jon Gray – Guitarist | Mike Christian – Bass | Keith Graham – Drums

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