US grindcore/thrash/metal band Bittered are ready with their highly charged new release, Foreign Agenda and trust me when I say, these boys don’t fuck around! Crushing the political systems desire to ruin the common man Bittered forcefully exposes the traitors with music and lyrically content that is crushing and aggressive. Catchy riffs with no fillers in a brutal beat down of the enemies of the common man. Join the cause and diminish the hate.

Formed in 2014 York, Pennsylvania, USA by Paul, Dennis, and Kasey. Each band member has been playing heavy music of some sort for years. Bittered started out more on the aggressive doomy side for their first album, Hubris Aggression but then lost most of the dark elements by the release of 2016’s Government Oppression. With the new album Foreign Agenda, the band is tough, angry and not afraid to tackle and shit on the political arena.

Bittered have a wide range of influences including grindcore, crust punk, black metal, thrash, traditional metal and hardcore which can be heard throughout the bands material.

“In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Bittered and if you are a fan of sludge, doom metal and grindcore, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Follow Your Leader” “Planetary Meltdown” “Bible Fucker” and “Witch Hunt”. 8 out of 10.”
DarkUndergroundMusicZine Review

Foreign Agenda | Released October 12th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records
Foreign Agenda was first released in the USA via Lost Apparitions Records in May 2017.

Track Listing:
01. Intro | 02. Follow Your Leader | 03. Media Crook | 04. Planetary Meltdown | 05. Brick By Brick | 06. Mind Loss | 07. Deprivation | 08. Bible F*cker | 09. Foreign Agenda | 10. Badge Head | 11. Witch Hunt

Produced, recorded and mixed by Dennis Matos 20to20 Entertainment (Bittered’s bassist). Recorded at Kasey’s house in Dallastown Pa, USA in Bittered’s attic practice spot …D.I.Y all the way!

Bittered are:
Kasey Harrison – Vocals | Paul Folk – Guitar | Reese Harlacker – Drums | Dennis Matos – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube