Bethany Neville’s latest ethereal album Rest In Peace is about the journey of unpacking her trauma. As someone who lives with CPTSD, she holds onto hope that everything will get better while also experiencing times where she wishes she was back in the state of blissful ignorance. Rest In Peace is about how it’s time to let the old version of you go and become the new person you’ve been dreaming of becoming and explores the genres of synth pop to alternative to electronic whilst taking inspiration from musicals as well.

These songs are going to take you on a trip through hell all the way to heaven, including the limbo in-between. From songs like Pretty Girl From Hell being a tale of being in a psychiatric hospital, all the way to songs like Faith about regaining hope and trying to do everything within your power to live your best life. The album ends with Horror Movie which is a song about childhood trauma and how you no longer wish for the horror to be the main inspiration of your art and life anymore.

Rest In Peace is supposed to show all the different sides to Bethany Neville’s mind as it fights the chaos of her mental disorders, in hopes to help de-stigmatize these issues and show that you can get help …that you can get better. As Bethany says; “Though things can still be rather painful, and the darkness is comfortable, you need to break free and face your demons. And learn to understand that, well, you can’t always understand why someone or people have hurt you in such a terrible way.”

So come take a walk through her mind with her other worldly vocals and follow her down a rabbit hole of her own creating. Rest In Peace!

Rest In Peace | Released April 14th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Secrets Of Trauma | 02. Pretty Girl From Hell | 03. Smile | 04. Get Away With Murder | 05. Bound To Fables | 06. Dear Violet | 07. Me And The Devil | 08. Liquor | 09. Unpacking The mind | 10. Uncomfortable | 11. Faith | 12. Radio | 13. What Happened To Me | 14. Horror Movie

Mixed and Mastered by Bethany Neville
Photography for album artwork by Brenden Rose

Bethany Neville is:
Bethany Neville | Vocals/Piano/Production

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick