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Bastian – Grimorio
01. Pale Figure | 02. Sly Ghost | 03. The Trip | 04. Infinite Love | 05. It’s Just A Lie | 06. Southern Tradition | 07. The Time Has Come | 08. Epiphany’s Voodoo | 09. Black Wood | 10. Fallen Gods

Genre: Heavy Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 31.07.18
Duration: 00:59:53
Tracks: 10

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Italian group Bastian, led by Sebastiano Conti, return with their 4th album, the dark and heavy Grimorio. The album was recorded toward the end of 2017 and it has a pure Black Sabbath sound (Ozzy era) with the power and harmonics of modern days. It’s a sound that draws its breath from the oldest and darkest metal roots. Witches, wizards, black woods, voodoo rites, and much more …… all these are contained within the themes and lyrics of the album to produced a devilishly powerful beast. Read more about Grimorio …here

Bastian are:
Sebastiano Conti – Guitar | Nicklas Sonne – Vocals | James Lomenzo – Bass | Federico Paulovich – Drum

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