Bad Bones – Midnight Rider [Official Video]
Taken from the album: High Rollers | 2018
Screenplay by: Christian Tipaldi

Italian hard rock group Bad Bones have released their second video from their recent full-length release High Rollers. Here’s the official press from the band about the song; “Bad Bones are ready to rock the scene with Midnight Rider the new track taken from High Rollers. The video has been shot in Rome and the screenplay by talented Christian Tipaldi who has already worked with Italian super stars like Vasco Rossi and Maurizio Solieri. The lyrics are about bikers and life on the streets, based on a true story when the band lived in a dangerous block near the LA Harbor. Bad Bones push their hard’n’heavy sound to the limit with an anthemic and powerful song!”

High Rollers | Released October 23rd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Bad Bones – High Rollers
High Rollers is a no compromise, tough and heavy record that will literally shake your bones. The amazing voice of Max Malmerenda (very close to Badland’s singer Ray Gillen) will lead you on a journey made of furious hard rock and outstanding melodies. Read more about High Rollers …here

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Bad Bones current line-up:
Max Malmerenda – Vocals | Sergio Aschieris – Guitar | Steve Balocco – Bass | Lele Balocco – Drums

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