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Dimmz // Still Human? [by Time Out]

2016-11-03T12:05:02+03:00April 5th, 2011|Categories: Band Descriptions|

Dimmz have finally released their album ‘Still Human?’ But is the album worth the purchase? The answer is most definitely yes! The songs that are here definitely hold their own weight while surrounding the multi-tiered epic in the middle. Bye Bye Baby has a very ambient, almost chanted intro before the band enter properly, and [...]

Methadol // Anger in me [by Time out]

2016-11-03T12:05:02+03:00April 5th, 2011|Categories: Band Descriptions|

The heavy metal scene is a gateway into a slightly more esoteric and ‘extreme’ level of the metal kingdom. I like nuance, and more darkness, and the ‘folk’ influenced bands, who emphasise naturalistic atmosphere over stomping shanties. Methadol album is polished and well-constructed, delivered in a crunching metal tone, and cultivating a mid-tempo heavy rock [...]

Thyreos // Sound of destruction [by Metal Integral]

2016-11-03T12:05:03+03:00April 4th, 2011|Categories: Band Descriptions|

Sliptrick Records ré édite cet album initialement sorti en autoproduction en 2009 par ce groupe suédois. La feuille promo du label conseille cet album aux fans de FIREWIND, EDGUY et ICED EARTH je vous laisserai juge sur ce coup là… Pour ma part j’ai découvert un premier album, avec ses bons côtés et ses défauts [...]