German band Atrium Noctis are ready with the release of their new album, Aeterni. With a new line-up, formed around ever present member Hydra Gorgonia, the band have moved into a new, advanced artistic direction. Atrium Noctis plays music which has its roots in symphonic dark and black metal. Influences from classical music and elements from Pagan Metal, contribute to a pronounced, unique sound and a special type of sheen to the output. There is great darkness paired with a thick slice of heaviness emphasized within the new songs.

Melancholic, hymnic and sentimental passages are also a part of the music. Additionally, epic and colourful nuances enrich everything as a whole. Atrium Noctis love big sound pictures and have largely unburdened themselves from the genre limits of black metal which have allowed songs like Datura Noir and Die Nacht des Falken to be created. Multiple singers have been involved and guarantee a wide range of vocal diversity throughout the songs and highlighting the German lyrics.

Atrium Noctis have also dedicated themselves to a melodic sound and the band members bring their different musical backgrounds to the fore. There are open minded musicians who have played metal their entire lives, a female singer who is classically skilled, two studied musicians who are open for anything, all of which contribute to the deep black soul of the album. With Aeterni, the musicians of Cologne, successfully strive for a true authenticity and a return to the roots of the original formation.

Aeterni | Released September 9th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Datura Noir | 02. Zerberons Erwachen | 03. AD I | 04. Leviathan | 05. AD II | 06. Die Nacht des Falken | 07. ADE

Atrium Noctis are:
Hydra Gorgonia – Keys | Hein – Screams | Sturm – Guitar | Thyratus – Guitar | Rhadamanthys – Guitar | Nemrod – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook