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Ashes Collide – First Collide
01. Universe | 02. No Fear | 03. Talk | 04. Do I Have A Dream | 05. B.B.

Genre: Alternative Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 07.12.18
Duration: 00:19:25
Tracks: 5

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The EP First Collide is Russian group Ashes Collide’s debut release and can best be described as alternative rock. Inspired by American 2000s rock, the music has its own tone, based on memorable guitar riffs, simple harmonies and powerful female vocals. Although this is the debut EP of Ashes Collide, the many years of experience of its members have made it possible to create an outstanding piece of work. Read more about First Collide …here

Ashes Collide are:
Marfa Savchenko – Vocals | Nikita Frolov – Guitar | Roman Vtorov – Bass | Aleksandr Kolchin – Drums

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