In 2019, Chilean group Arrealhue started to record their first LP titled Post Lux Tenebras, and due to the pandemic, it continued through 2020 and 2021, ending in 2022 with the mixing and mastering process. The album, with it’s 13 songs sung in Spanish, is the conclusion of Mal Cristiano journey of almost 12 years. The group produce an atmospheric black metal band with doom and Chilean folk influences. The recording process for Post Lux Tenebras began with some changes in the line up, which is the reason why Mal decided to play rhythm and lead guitar and some bass passages besides his usual growls and clean vocals. All the music and lyrics were composed by Mal Cristiano with musical arrangements by the band.

Recording, mixing and mastering is by Carlos Fuentes at Sonido Origen Studios in Santiago de Chile and the cover artwork is by Mal Cristiano. Bass guitar is by Enrique Carvajal with the exception of El VendavalLa MarPost Lux TenebrasDiálogo and Cueca Pagana. Drums were recorded by Carlos Fuentes and the percussions for Cueca pagana is by Cristian Cárdenas.

01. El Rufián | 02. La agonía | 03. La muerte | 04. La mar | 05. El Corso | 06. La montaña | 07. El vendaval | 08. Diálogo | 09. El reino de Baco | 10. El Jutre | 11. Post Lux tenebras | 12. La daga | 13. Cueca pagana

Post Lux Tenebras | Released November 15th, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Arrealhue are:
Mal Cristiano – Vocals/Guitars/Composition | El Rufián II – Drums | El Mayoral – Rhythm Guitar

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