Antichrist Magazine – A Tribute To Black Sabbath [Official Video]
Music originally written and composed by Black Sabbath

Our good friends at Antichrist Magazine have released a special recorded tribute to the legendary metal group Black Sabbath and it features tracks from the Sliptrick roster including Ironthorn (who kick off the tribute), Simplefast, Blood Of Angels, Crawling Manifest, Hyperia, Circle Of Witches, Blackhearth, Mudd Flux and Bofo Kwo.

In all, the Black Sabbath tribute covers 45 tracks and over 4 hours of music. Check out the video below!

Track list of featured Sliptrick Artists:
01 – Ironthorn (Italy) “Black Sabbath” [00:00:00​]
17 – Simplefast (Greece) “Supernaut” [01:25:50​]
19 – Blood of Angels (USA) “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” [01:37:21​]
23 – Crawling Manifest (USA) “Symptom of the Universe” [01:58:36​]
27 – Hyperia (Canada) “Turn Up the Night” [02:20:57​]
28 – Circle of Witches (Italy) “Voodoo” [02:24:42​]
29 – Blackhearth (Spain) “The Sign of the Southern Cross” [02:29:05​]
35 – Mudd Flux (USA) “After All (The Dead)” [03:05:36​]
44 – Bofo Kwo (Finland) “God Is Dead?” [03:51:12​]

• All music was originally written and composed by Black Sabbath!
• Prepared and released by Antichrist magazine and Grand Sounds PR.

A Tribute To Black Sabbath | Released April 7th, 2021 via Antichrist Magazine

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