Dreams, recurring patterns, reminiscences, desires, the question about reality or simply the longing for the vast, undiscovered universe. These are the focus of German group Amplified Memory, who have been working on their own musical conception of melodic death metal since 2008. The German prog rockers have worked long and hard on Vas Hermeticum and feel they have put together their best recorded work yet, pushing and embellishing on their already wide-ranging and complex style. Read more about Vas Hermeticum …here

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Amplified Memory – Vas Hermeticum
01. Corridor | 02. Maze Of Gyri | 03. A Walk on the Crystalline Path | 04. Soporific | 05. The Aether Apparatus | 06. End of Transference | 07. Ammon’s Eclipse | 08. Multipolar | 09. Non-Construct | 10. Into the Shelter of a Mind

Genre: Melodic Death Metal | Progressive Metal
Tracks: 10 | Duration: 00:58:26
Released by: Sliptrick Records 20.10.17
Band pages: Facebook | Youtube

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