Althea – Away From Me (feat. Michele Guaitoli) [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the album: The Art Of Trees | 2019

Italian alternative metal group Althea have release a lyrics video taken from this years album release The Art Of Trees. Away From Me analyses the thoughts of a son whose father was not with him when he was needed the most, therefore not being the model and the person a father is meant to be. It is about rage that keeps flowing away from the son’s mind as the thought the his father could be away from him…every day, every night…screaming to keep it miles away… It is about realizing that we can be a better person than the one we have in front of us.

Althea – The Art Of Trees
The Art of Trees defines the unique and personal sound of Althea in 10 new tracks with amazing arrangements and impressive variations in style and sonic landscape. All the lyrics and atmospheres evoke a wide range of images that may be far in terms of space, but still clear and touching in the life of everyone of us. Read more about The Art of Trees …here

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The Art Of Trees | Released January 8th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Althea are:
Dario Bortot – Guitars/Synths/Keys/Programming/Soundscapes | Alessio Accardo – Vocals | Sergio Sampietro – Drums | Andrea Trapani – Bass

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