During 2016, Italian Metalcore group Alkemy went to Math Lab Studio in Pistoia, in order to record their first release. It’s a concept EP with a specific story that allows the band full reign of their powerful sound and imagination. Welcome to Creepyville and be careful where you tread.

Alkemy describe Creepyville as telling the tale of a man who decides to go in the “Cave of Sober Minds”, the perfect place to find yourself, going across the darkest corners of the human mind. Once he reaches the cave, he finds a gateway which takes him to an obscure valley populated by strange entities. Everything is covered by many chrysanthemums and in the distance the man can see a disturbing city. He is attracted by the place and so he starts to walk on the path of no return along a cliff, which destroys his last hopes.

He starts to feel a strange atmosphere filled with paranoia and then, in the dark, he sees a human figure which makes him understand that he has only arrived there because of his faults. He wakes up in the cave, naked and empty, with the awareness that after his travels, he has burnt all his ways to get out. And so, he is forced to decay in the cave, lost in the eternal research of that mysterious figure.

Creepyville | Released April 18th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. The Cave of Sober Minds | 02. Chrysanthemum | 03. Parallax | 04. Atmosfear | 05. No Man

Recorded in Math Lab Studio in Pistoia. Mastering done by The Grid Productions.

Alkemy are:
Nicolò Arcieri – Vocals | Simon Varriale – Guitar/Vocals | Simone Richini – Guitar | Filippo Bardella – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube