Breakthru is the perfect example of the combination of influences within Aeren. Many of the songs featured on the album have been a staple of their live shows for some time and now they are taking their rightful place in Aeren’s world. Breakthru is feisty and colorful, melodic and sharp. The main lyrical subjects are social difficulties, environmental issues and there are some “anthems” of freedom and exhortations to live life without worries.

The artwork has been created by Marcile Powers and it represents a Buddhist mandala, which is the symbolic representation of the universe. Based on the various and eclectic combination of music and colors, it is the perfect synthesis of the different sides of our lives which are all entwined together. The name of the album is inspired by the Queen’s song, Breakthru, the word is used in order to mean “a step forward” for the band and in their way of making music.

The Breakthru production started in March 2017 in the StudioGaudio and ended in September that year with the final mix made by Francesco Gaudio and Salvatore Buzzerio. The mastering process was handed to Giovanni Versari, grammy award winner for “Drones”, the latest MUSE album.

Breakthru | Released on March 6th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Time Flux | 02. Wrong Reactions | 03. Preachers (Redux) | 04. Shooting Stars | 05. [Prelude] | 06. Breath Of Air | 07. Our Flaws | 08. Lightheartedness | 09. Don’t Fall Apart | 10. In The Well (Redux) | 11. No Way For Crying | 12. Bad Weakness (Video Edit) | 13. Breath Of Air (Full Version)

Note: Track 13 is a bonus track only available with the digital version.

Aeren are:
Silvia Galetta – Vocals | Simone D’Andria – Guitar | Simone Solidoro – Bass/Piano/Keyboards | Cosimo De Marco – Drums

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