Failure Of State is the latest Death/Thrash master piece from Absolute Darkness. The bands unapologetically dark and politically charged lyrics and music rail against dictators, income inequality, and the spread of unproven rumour and conspiracy theories as facts.

Absolute Darkness combine the influences of bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death and Amon Amarth, and the Bay Area thrash sounds of bands such as Testament, Vio-lence and Exodus.

This album was record at Absolute Darkness studios in Pleasant Hill, Ca. It was mixed and mastered by William Blackmon. Special Thanks as well as performance credit on some drums go out to former drummer Bill Raanes. Also contributing to the album writing on some songs were former members Kevin Meaney and Lorelei Valentine, with Lorelei doing some backup vocals on Mob Rule.

Track by track by the band:
Rounded Up – This song was inspired by the Hong Kong democracy movement and other pro democracy groups and movements past and present that fight against authoritarian rule.

Mob Rule – This song predicts the coming riots and violent protests against income inequality. The governments that blame problems on the poor and underclass, instead of the rich and powerful who advocate for policies that help make the underclass larger and larger, they will fall if they do not do at least something to alleviate the real issues before it is too late.

Sanity Is Gone – More and more ridiculous and insane conspiracy theories are believed and politicians are catering to these theories for their own gain, the truth is irrelevant…can I get money/votes is all that matters.

My Forever Rule – This song is about a dictator who wants to hold onto power, and will face his end when the people have had enough of him.

Failure Of State – The title track and center piece of the album.

My Assassination – Inspired by Russian, North Korean and other dissidents who have been assassinated by their own governments.

The Republic – A song that laments the fall of our Republic and the reasons why its going to fall apart in the future if problems are not resolved.

Unite! – This anthem is a call to action to unite against the forces that want to divide us.

Chaos Unleashed – Originally recorded for the album Disaster Awaits The song is about war and chaos that is always part of it.

Mad King – Originally recorded for the album Disaster Awaits. This song is about a king who’s insanity leads to destruction of his country and his own death.

On My Way To Death – Originally recorded for the album Future Imperfect. This song is about how even the strongest of soldiers can die in battle. War is always about the deaths of those involved in it.

01. Rounded Up | 02. Mob Rule | 03. Sanity Is Gone | 04. My Forever Rule | 05. Failure Of State | 06. My Assassination | 07. The Republic | 08. Unite! | 09. Chaos Unleashed | 10. Mad King | 11. On My Way To Death

Failure Of State | Released December 13th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Absolute Darkness are:
Ron Dorn – Guitar/Lead Vocals | Douglas Vetter II – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals | Orson Sojo – Bass | Emad Dajani – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick