Absolon continue their legacy with the release of their newest album A Portrait Of Madness, another mind-blowing and epic concept album released via Sliptrick Records in digital format on February 28th, 2023. The album will be available on all major platforms worldwide. The group combine traditional NWOBHM and European metal with today’s symphonic power metal.

Here’s the concept’s synopsis; “The year is 1920, London England. It has been three years since the end of WWI when Randolph Bathery, a soldier in the English army, returned from the war a broken man. As the years passed, Randolph grew more depressed, his personality dark, foreboding and menacing. Those around him came to believe he had brought something back with him from the war and that he was, in fact, possessed by a dark entity.

After a terribly botched exorcism leaves Randolph near death and utterly insane, the Catholic Church has him secretly committed to the Lancaster Mental Asylum in order to cover up their failure and incompetence. Now, not only is Randolph trapped inside his own mind, but he’s also trapped with the entity that still possesses him. The doctors and staff of the Lancaster Mental Asylum, thinking he is just another insane mental patient out of many, are unaware of the danger they are in until it’s too late. Accepting that the entity is now part of him, and no longer being able to handle life as a prisoner in the Lancaster Mental Asylum, Randolph Bathery wreaks havoc and chaos upon the staff at the asylum and, with the help of the entity inside him, finally escape into the night.”

01. Into The Darkness | 02. This Is My Dream | 03. Breathe Again | 04. 1916 | 05. The Demon Waltz | 06. Let Me Be | 07. Drive You Out | 08. The Men In Black Robes | 09. Blinded By Lies | 10. It Is Done | 11. Into My Hell You’re Cast | 12. Forever One | 13. Out Of The Darkness | 14. Randolph’s Story

Mixed/mastered by Thorsten Eligehausen at darkSIGN Records (Germany).
Recorded at Dark Skys Studios, Beardstown Illinois (except for guitar/bass recorded in Germany).

A Portrait Of Madness | Released February 28th, 2023 on Sliptrick Records

Absolon are:
Ken Pike – Vocals | Marc Vanderberg – Guitar/Bass | Ryo Pike – Keyboards/Synth/Piano/Orchestration

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | On Sliptrick