Abeyance – Innerscape [Lyrics Video]
Taken from the EP: Portraits Of Mankind
Lyrics video produced by: Andrea Mantelli

Italian melodic death metal group Abeyance have released a new lyrics video for the track entitled Innerscape. This is the first music available from their forthcoming EP Portraits Of Mankind due out later this year on Sliptrick Records.

Here’s the bands slightly cryptic description of the song; “Places sometimes immense, sometimes cramped, soaked in darkness, dripping with faded light, adverse, welcoming… Places where the scientific mission falters on a steep soil, and indeed collides with the imponderable. They are not oceanic pits or celestial bodies. They are the surreal abysses of ourselves, where mind, soul, experience and imagination take on a single form and a single landscape. And the world has no place. Arduous to explore, because unknown and frightening to our own selves. Practically the last of the grounds we would think of for an excursion or an expedition.

Innerscape attempts to tell this journey, though unapproachable in its complexity with the simple words of a song. And the path could not be lit by a common lantern or an ordinary light.”

Abeyance are:
Jacopo Marinelli – Vocals | Gianluca Fraschini – Guitar | Andrea Mantelli – Guitar | Michele Adami – Drums/Bass

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick