“Take a step forward and uncover what lies beyond the portrait of our kind, shedding all those masks one by one…” Portraits Of Mankind, the new EP from from Italian metal group Abeyance, arrives as a 28 minute long, 90s style driven Melodeath offering, dispatched through 5 intense tracks.

The correct injection of more recent influences act as a glue for this debut EP, helping you discover its rich sound and identity. Riffs and solos are structured to release all the genre potential and variety mixed with rhythm and emotive changes as well. This is even expressed through deep and mostly introspective-oriented lyrics. The vocals follow a classic growl technique, with mid-pitched and harsh singing that spreads throughout the EP with an aggressive tone.

The compositions took more than 2 years as the tracks were carefully shaped and arranged in ways that finally satisfied the band expectations. The goal was creating something more appealing, coming from Melodic Death Metal fans and tailored more for the Melodeath fans. With this Abeyance took the challenging job of not just bringing back the old school metal music but also it’s feelings and perceptions. The lyrics also had a very significant treatment and were weaved to make them stand out in an enthralling way, unraveling through many metaphoric and allegorical narrations.

Portraits Of Mankind | Released November 27th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Portrait Of Mankind | 02. In Falsehood Dominion | 03. Mine Are Sorrow And Redemption | 04. Innerscape | 05. Secretly I Joined Dark Horizons

Abeyance are:
Jacopo Marinelli – Vocals | Gianluca Fraschini – Guitar | Andrea Mantelli – Guitar | Michele Adami – Drums/Bass

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick