Italian Horror Punk Metal act 5 Star Grave return to action with their latest “no holds barred” collection of tracks, a new look and video on it’s way, whilst still retaining their classic “fuck you” attitude!

The new 5 Star Grave album, The Red Room, delivers 10 extremely catchy horror metal tracks. The album features a wide range of styles containing both sharp and aggressive passages mixed with more atmospheric and eerie moments. All in all, The Red Room provides a compelling combination of heavy metal, hard rock, horror punk and hardcore.

Here’s the official 5 Star Grave statement for The Red Room; “So guess what these 6 weirdos are up to in 2017 AD? Releasing a new collection of reckless tunes adequately entitled The Red Room, obviously! Once again the listener is charged by an hardcore/horror punk-influenced metal assault supported by a wide range of vocals and the usual light-hearted horror inspired imagery directly derived from 80’s metal/shock rock golden days. The 6 pricks from Hell are back in town, hic sunt the motherfuckers.”

The Red Room | Released September 26th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01 Hic Sunt the Motherfuckers | 02 Eat You Alive | 03 Once Upon a Time | 04 The Ballad of the Vampire | 05 Alice | 06 Through the Eyes of the Monster | 07 He Never Died | 08 Hell on Heels | 09 For Better or Worse | 10 There Is No Heaven

Produced, mixed and mastered by NeroArgento at Aexeron Studio.

5 Star Grave are:
Claudio Ravinale – vocals | Andrea Minolfi – bass, vocals | Thierry Bertone – guitars | Alessandro Blengino – guitars | Hervè De Zulian – synth | Domenico Fazzar – drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube