Below, you’ll find a list of our major releases in 2020 (listed by artist name alphabetically and excluding singles). If you want to get hold of any of our 2020 releases and many from earlier years, head on over to Shop Sliptrick which is dedicated to all things Sliptrick and offers the best prices available. Each release listed below will include a direct link to the items Shop Sliptrick product page (whether physical, digital or both) unless unavailable.

We have a lot of things planned for the coming months, so watch this space for more news on our latest signings, upcoming releases, plus band and label news during 2021.

Dec 01AdligaKali Pacіače NіebaEPCD/Online💿Info
Feb 18Age Of FireShades Of ShadowLPCD/Online💿Info
Jul 07Alberto RigoniOdd TimesLPCD/Online💿Info
Oct 13AlleywayAfter DarkLPCD/Online💿Info
Feb 07AlphastateOut Of The Black [re-release]LPOnline💿Info
Mar 24ĀterVullighiedLPCD/Online💿Info
Mar 17BAD AsCrucified SocietyLPCD/Online💿Info
Apr 14Bethany NevilleRest In PeaceLPCD/Online💿Info
Oct 06Blood Of AngelsThe Failure Of FaithLPCD/Online💿Info
Jun 30Bofo KwoSpace/Time CarnivoriumLPCD/Online💿Info
Sep 15BrickDone Counting My ScarsLPCD/Online💿Info
Jan 31ChainsnapBurn InternalLPCD/Online💿Info
Nov 17CosmonutsLeaps Of FateEPCD/Online💿Info
Jun 23CryosphereConstellationsEPCD/Online💿Info
Nov 10Dirty RatsEnd In TearsLPCD/Online💿Info
Nov 03elitefitreaLetheLPCD/Online💿Info
Sep 22GatecloserFrom The WastelandLPCD/Online💿Info
Nov 24Helena Aleksandre’sAngels Don’t SleepLPCD/Online💿Info
Jul 28Hole Dug DeepBuried AliveLPCD/Online💿Info
Jan 14HyperiaInsanitoriumLPCD/Online💿Info
Apr 03KaffiMannCosmic CoincidenceLPOnline💿Info
Jun 16Lapsus DeiSea Of Deep ReflectionsLPCD/Online💿Info
Jul 21Leslie RippCircle Of FifthsLPCD/Online💿Info
Dec 22LipshokShadows Of A Dark HeartLPOnline💿Info
Oct 27Loss Of InfectionDark DimensionEPCD/Online💿Info
Mar 10Lucid DreamThe Great Dance Of The SpiritLPCD/Online💿Info
Jan 28Malicious Inc.Red FlagEPCD/Online💿Info
Apr 07Mass MurderExtreme ExtinctionLPCD/Online💿Info
Aug 18MidgardTales Of KreiaLPCD/Online💿Info
Sep 08Neon AngelNeon Light DistrictLPCD/Online💿Info
Apr 21No Such SeasonU.A.F.LPCD/Online💿Info
Sep 01NocturnLike A Seed Of DustLPCD/Online💿Info
Mar 31NotöriousGlamorizedLPCD/Online💿Info
Mar 03Our HateDefiled By EvilEPCD/Online💿Info
Feb 11QuartzbedDark MatterLPCD/Online💿Info
Jan 21Red CainKindred: Act ILPCD/Online💿Info
May 19Shadow In The DarknessErstwhile BefellLPCD/Online💿Info
Feb 21SimplefastEternalLPCD/Online💿Info
Feb 04Sleazy Way OutHere Comes TroubleLPCD/Online💿Info
May 26Songs From Black SpiritI Am Who I AmLPCD/Online💿Info
Dec 15Stephen KernMajestic KingdomEPCD/Online💿Info
Feb 25Stoner KingsAlpha MaleLPCD💿Info
Apr 28The OgreEntityLPCD/Online💿Info
May 12The StridersOut Of The BluesLPCD/Online💿Info
May 05TheosophyTowers Of Dark PantheonLPCD/Online💿Info
Sep 29Zeus The TempleWe Can WinLPCD/Online💿Info
Jun 09ZwaremachineBe A Light (Special Edition)LPCD/Online💿Info

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