Sliptrick Records proudly announces the release of the latest СЛОТ album,
titled ‘Septima’ , under licensing by М2БА Records (handling the Russian territory)

СЛОТ is a Russian alternative rock band, founded in February 2002 in Moscow.
The band features:
Cash – vocals
EyeD – guitar
Nookie – vocals
Nikita Muraviov – bass
Vassily Ghost Gorshkov – drums

So far the band has released six studio albums, two remix albums, one live DVD,
several singles and several soundtracks. СЛОТ are known for their extended tours,
cover shows consisting of world and Russian hits, original and stylish music videos.

Two of their albums were previously released in the USA and Japan and took active
part in music festivals such as Нашествие, Kubana and has shared a stage with legends
of rock such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Guano Apes, and many others.

Release party in Moscow: 27 February at RED
Release party in Saint-Petersburg: 19 March at Зал Ожидания

Septima Digital Version:
Google Play:

СЛОТ online:
Google Play:

Nearest shows of the “Septima” tour:
20.02 Nizhny Novgorod
27.02 Moscow
11.03 Krasnodar
12.03 Stavropol
13.03 Rostov-na-Donu
19.03 Saint-Petersburg
02.04 Orel
05.04 Izhevsk
06.04 Kirov
07.04 Perm
08.04 Yekaterinburg
09.04 Tyumen
10.04 Chelyabinsk
12.04 Kurgan
13.04 Omsk
15.04 Novosibirsk
16.04 Krasnoyarsk
18.04 Irkutsk